26 Nissan, 5777
 April 21-22
Parshas Shmini/ Shabbos Mevorchim
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Shabbos Times
Short Vort

Shabbos Groups + Pirchei
Sefiras HaOmer
Weekly Davening Times
Bais Medresh Learning

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Shabbos Times
  • 1st Mincha      -     7:00 pm
  • 2nd Mincha           7:44 pm
  • Candle Lighting  -  7:44 pm
  • Shacharis          -   9:00 am
  • Latest Shema  -    10:07 am
  • Mincha               -   7:35 pm
  • Havdallah           -   8:52 pm
  • Halacha - 8:30 am -I dropped a pot and it broke into many pieces. I then threw the pieces in the garbage. Can I take a piece out of the garbage and use it to cover a bowl?
  • Beis Medresh Learning/Talmud Kiddushin  -   6:50pm
The Eruv is Up
Short Vort by Rabbi Rodin 
You are what you eat"

Click here to listen
Thank you to Biranit and Jonathan Cohen for sponsoring kiddush this week in honor of their parents' visit - Cedric and Sylvia Cohen from Liverpool, England, and Charlotte Kohn from Israel.
Sefiras HaOmer
The Shabbos Morning Children's Groups
Boys' Group will be led by David Goldenberg.
Girls' group will be led by  Ahuva Pacht
Pre-School group will be led by Esti Pacht
All groups will begin at 10:30 and go until kiddush
Shabbos Afternoon Boys' programming at Ohev

MSB” (Middle School Boys) Shabbos Mishnayos Learning Programs for 5th-8th grade boys during Shalosh Seudos with Rabbi Shmueli


Shalosh Seudas with Rabbi Ziemba 
1-4th grade boys are invited to a very enjoyable Shalosh Seudas in the Ohev lobby with food, singing and story!  Sponsorship opportunities are available

We are pleased to announce the resumption
of Spring Shabbos afternoon groups!!!
Shabbos afternoon groups for boys grades
1-5 begin iy”h this Shabbas
Led by Rabbi Ziemba and company
3:30-4:30 pm @ cong. Ohev shalom.
(please be prompt in picking up your children)
Join us for “chevrah
Tehillim/pirkei avos”
Parsha, nosh, games, stories
& more!
Weekly Davening Times
Week of April 23 - April 28

1st  Minyan     8:00 am
2nd Minyan     8:30 am

1st Minyan  6:30 am
2nd Minyan 7:00 am

Wed/Thurs (Rosh Chodesh)
1st Minyan  6:15 am
2nd Minyan 6:45 am

Mincha/ Maariv
Sunday - Thurs.
   7:48 pm
We wish our heartfelt condolences to Lou and Diane Calmenson and the entire Calmenson family on the passing of Lou's Mother, Elinor Calmenson A"H
"He Suppresses Our Sins"
Join us for the 8th session of the Tomer Devorah May 3rd at 8:30 p.m.
.  Rabbi Kaufman from TTI will share his insights on the 8th attribute of mercy "He Supresses our Sins"  at the Joseph Moskowitz Beis Medrash.

This class is open to everyone.  Each class stands alone.  So if you have not joined us before, feel free to attend.
Watch the last class by Rabbi Tropper
Bais Medresh Learning

Shabbos morning: 11:50 ( or 45 minutes after Kiddush begins) Parsha Insights for Your Shabbos Table
Sunday Morning Chavrusas after davening - with coffee and bagels

Talmud Chavrusas, Talmud Shiur and Parsha thought - Thursday night at 8:30 pm

Shabbos  -
45 minutes before mincha
Please see Rabbi Wachsman or Rabbi S. Rodin for more details
If you would like for us to organize a new class please contact Danny Strassman
Alex Harry Dorfman
Father of Ilene Dorfman
26th of Nissan - evening of April 21/22
Memorial Plaque

Olga Srebreny  Mosbacher
30th of Nissan - evening of April 25/26
Memorial Plaque
Eli Baum 
Son of Susan Baum
Brother of  Jordan and Miriam Kohn
1st of Iyar - evening of April 26/27
Memorial Plaque
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Kiddush and Shalosh Seudos Sponsorships
We appreciate everyone who has sponsored a Kiddush and / or a Shalosh Seudos. It enhances the camaraderie and the joy of Shabbos. If you would like to reserve a date for a simcha, yahrtzeit, or any life event, please sign up as spots fill up very quickly. If a family is unable to sponsor an entire Kiddush, or doesn't want to be in the lime light, donations to the general Kiddush fund are appreciated.

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