14 Kislev, 5778
December 1 / 2
Shabbos Vayishlach
Shabbos Times
  •  Mincha                 5:02 pm
  • Candle Lighting     5:02 pm
  • Shacharis              9:00 am
  • Latest Shema        9:44 am
  • Mincha                  4:45 pm
  • Havdallah-             6:10 pm       
  • Halacha                         8:30 am 
  • What is the concept of “Tofayach Ohl Mehnas Lehhatfee-ach” and how does it impact on Muktzah ?
  • "Devorah, Bees and Wet Nurse"    by Danny Strassman    11:45 a.m
  • Talmud Kiddushin          4:00 pm
  • Beis Medrash Learning  4:00 pm
The Eruv is Up
Short Vort By Our Rabbi

"The Impossible Dream "
Click here to listen to Rabbi's Short Vort
“Vesane Tal Umatar Levracha”
We begin saying “Vesane Tal Umatar Levracha” at Maariv, this Monday night, December 4.
The Shabbos Morning Children's Groups
There will be no 9:30 group this Shabbos
Preschool - 1st grade boys and girls led by Esther Wortrich at 10:30 a.m
1st-5th grade Girls' group will be  at  led by Lexi Shafron at 10:30 am.
Boys' group will be at 10:30 a.m. led by David Goldenberg.

Candy will only be provided at the end of the 10:30 a.m. groups.  Please assist us in enforcing this new rule.  Children who are having a hard time staying in groups will be brought to their parents in Shul.  Please be sure a parent is at Shul if your child is in groups. Thank you for your support as we make some adjustments to our groups.
Boys' Shabbos Afternoon Programs
Middle School Boys' Mishnayos with Rabbi Shmueli continues
this Shabbos at 5:20 pm.
Boys' Shalosh Seudas with Rabbi Ziemba continues
this Shabbos at 5:20 pm
If you would like to sponsor the snacks for Shalosh Seudas, please contact  Rabbi Ziemba or Marcy Rhoads at 214-403-8714
Avos UBanim
This Motzai Shabbos at 7:30 p.m. we continue our Avos Ubanim program under the expert guidance of Rabbi Menachem Zeimba.
Learning, prizes and food round out our program.
 If you would like to sponsor another week's program
 contact Rabbi Ziemba

Jr. Sisterhood
The Kick-off event for the 2nd-5th Grade Girls will be Motzei Shabbos December 9th at the Sephardic Torah Center.  It will begin at 7:30 p.m.  The girls will have an activity, some learning and enjoy some pizza and a raffle. 
Look for the upcoming flyer. 
For more information contact Marcy Rhoads at 214-403-8714

Mekadshei Shevi'i
The new cycle of  Mekadshei Shevii  started last Shabbos.  Please turn in your past sheet  to Rabbi Ziemba to be included in upcoming BBQ.
Click here for the new sheet
Thank you for your, "Giving Tuesday", donation!

Thanks to all of YOU  who enabled us  to raise $15,000 on Giving Tuesday!  Special gratitude to our anonymous matcher who doubled the amount to $30,000! 

These donations keep our capital campaign for our building fund going! With your continued support we will, in the near future, be able expand our sanctuary, build more classrooms, expand our parking lot and kitchens, and other facilities. 
We will keep you posted!

The Six Constant Mitzvos- Class #2
Out of the 613 Mitzvos, we have six mitzvos which are perpetual and constant, applicable at all times, all the days of our lives. Join our Rabbi this , as he presents the second part of the three part series about the Mitzvos and how we can apply them to our lives.  We will meet this Monday, December 4th, 8:00 p.m. at the Joseph Moskowitz Beis Medrash at Ohev Shalom.  Men and women are invited.
Monday, December 4- Mitzvah #3 -  The Oneness of Hashem
                                    Mitzvah #4  - Love for Hashem
Attendance for second class not contingent on attendance of first class.
Bais Medrash Learning
at the Joseph Moskowitz Beis Medrash

Sunday Morning Chavrusas and Shiur after davening - with coffee and bagels

Talmud Chavrusas, Talmud Shiur and Parsha thought - Thursday night at 8:30 pm

Shabbos Learning -
45 minutes before mincha
Please see Rabbi Wachsman or Rabbi S. Rodin for more details
If you would like for us to organize a new class please contact
Danny Strassman
 Davening Times
Week of December 3  -  December 8
1st Minyan     8:00 am
2nd Minyan    8:30 pm

Monday - Friday
1st Minyan      6:30 am
2nd Minyan     7:00 am

Mincha/ Maariv
Sunday- Thursday     5:05 pm

Channukah Fun Fest!
All families are invited for Chanukah arts and crafts,
edible crafts, Mega dreidel game, Channukah songs , Holy Donuts,
and story time with Rabbi Rodin
Sunday December 17th
from 10:30-12:00
at the Shul’s Social hall
A $10/family donation is requested to cover expenses.
For more information  and to RSVP contact
Marcy Rhoads at 214-403-8714 or marhoads@abadiaccess.com

Samuel Mandelbaum
Father of Terry Lafazan & Sam Mandelbaum
16 Kislev - eve. of December 3/4
Memorial Plaque

Raymond Homsany
Father of Linda Homsany
18 Kislev - eve. of December 5/6
Memorial Plaque

Anne Dorfman Gendis
Mother of Ilene Dorfman
20 Kislev - eve. of December 7/8
Memorial Plaque

Bert Grabsky
Father of Ellen Grabsky
17 Kislev - eve. of December 4/5
Memorial Plaque

Selma Louise Tauben
Sister of Hanni Harris
19 Kislev - eve. of December 6/7
Memorial Plaque

Ongoing Programs
(for the refuos of our cholim)

Amen Program (for women):The Amen Group will meet this week at the home of Shira Ackerman at 10:15. Bring your Siddur, book of Tehillim and, if you have, a copy of  "The Living Emuna".

Tehillim (for women): Every Wednesday 9:00-9:30 p.m. at Ohev's sanctuary
Got a suggestion for the bulletin? Want to see something new included?
Shoot us an email! 
Kiddush and Shalosh Seudos Sponsorships
We appreciate everyone who has sponsored a Kiddush and / or a Shalosh Seudos. It enhances the camaraderie and the joy of Shabbos. If you would like to reserve a date for a simcha, yahrtzeit, or any life event, please sign up as spots fill up very quickly. If a family is unable to sponsor an entire Kiddush, or doesn't want to be in the lime light, donations to the general Kiddush fund are appreciated.

Support our new building campaign Donate here
Support our Children's Programming Donate here
Support our Eruv Donate here
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